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    Inserting DXF

      Hi, SX 2007 sp1.1

      I can't insert a DXF profile into my sketch.
      Has anyone seen this.
      SW crashes every time.
      Either by using control paste or sketch insert dxf.

        • Inserting DXF
          I only ever insert DWG files but i've just tried DXF and it worked fine.

          Could be your installation or a duff DXF file.

          I'm using SW2007 sp1

          If you want to post your DXF file i'll give it a try.
          • Inserting DXF
            I have a feeling my SW needed to rest up over the weekend.
            I tried it this morning and it worked, It must have been tired.
            Thanks for your input, file size was only 40kb.
            • Inserting DXF
              It might crash when you insert a very complicated DXF file, if the file size is less than 200k, it should not crash