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    emergency help

    Tamara Petrusa


      Hi! can somebody please help me - how can I connect these two sufaces (something as a leg which goes on sitting surface) in more elegant way?F3.JPG

      I was using loft surface which I think isn't the best way to accomplish smooth transition so if anyone could help me! please

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          Arthur Loginow

          Do you want the first picture to look like the second picture?

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            Dony Juniar Abdullah

            Hello Tamara,


            Maybe please attch solidworks file. So can i try your case.



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              Charles Culp

              If it works, the easiest method is to use the fillet tool, Face Fillet, with Fillet Options>Curvature Continuous option checkmarked.

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                Wouter Van Assche

                A lot of the steps have already been mentioned, but maybe it's easier to have a plan (additional info included)

                Not the only way, but to keep it as simple as possible using surfaces...


                1. Start by designing the bottom surface and the legs. make sure the legs are long enough, it's even not a problem if they intersect the bottom surface


                2. trim holes in the bottom surface (use a sketch on a plane roughly parallel to it - on this part the top plane or parallel to it is close enough). It will help to keep the shape similar to the leg section (most important is same number of entities. example for a four-sided leg use a rectangular cutout, OR a circle/ellipse/spline split into four arcs with split entities). the shape should be bigger than and approximately centered around the leg.


                3. trim the leg surface with a sketch (for this part, it could be on front or right plane). It can be a line, an arc or a spline and you can even use split entities to create multiple edges. For this part, an arc roughly following the form of the bottom surface should give good results


                4. using lofted or boundary surface (hard to tell which will give best result here, but I generally prefer boundary), try connecting both trim edges. use the tangency or curvature option and change tangency influence to finetune the result.


                5. repeat for other legs, knit surfaces and try to form solid option.


                TIP: depending on the form of the bottom surface and leg, it can sometimes be better to use a split circle/ellipse/spline as trim tool, and create the transition from several lofted surfaces instead of one...

                TIP 2: If you have access to a surface modeling manual, the chapter with the bike frame is a very interesting read!


                I only have 2013 on my system, so I hope it works out just explaining


                Good luck!


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                    Marta Birkic

                    thanks Jerry, Charles and Wouter.

                    I tried something in the meantime, before I saw all replies and I think I managed what I wanted.
                    I used "split line" command and projected that circle on surface and then connected it with another circle

                    to get these smooth transitions ("volcanoes")


                    Now I have another question - "blue lines problem" which shows me that this isn't the whole connected body.


                    The first picture shows base with 6 "volcanoes" which I want to be a part of that seating body.

                    It isn't problem to do rendering but when I want to make a drawing from that part the volcanoes are missing.


                    And on that "volcanoes" go 6 legs and I cannot form a solid (blue lines again) - picture no 2

                    Should I make these legs in another part and make an assembly or do you have some another advice?Stalak.jpg

                    Thanks in advanced,


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                    Wouter Van Assche

                    It's a bit hard to tell from your pictures, but in your original part, the bottom is a solid body.


                    There are two major options. making solids of all surface bodies and "combine" or converting solid bodies to surfaces and do a "knit surfaces"


                    Generally, I would recommend the second option. The first is only useful in very specific cases...


                    How to make a surface body from a solid? Easy, just delete one or more faces. (delete face command, choose "delete" option)


                    If you used split line to create "circles on the bottom, it just splits a face but stays solid body. Try to delete the circular faces you made and whose edges you used for the volcanoes.


                    Check you only have surface bodies left, no solid bodies. And try the "knit surfaces" command. You might have to edit some of your surfaces (extend, untrim, trim,...) if it doesn't work


                    If you are going to make this kind of parts often, the surfacing course will teach you a lot of useful techniques! Although for surfacing, most important is building up lots of experience


                    Good luck!