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[MotionStudy] Variable Gearing -- Animation locks-up

Question asked by Feby Abraham on Jan 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2013 by Feby Abraham

As part of my college assignment, I have been trying to create a variable ratio gearing device, in a CAD software. I have successfully (atleast that is what I believe) assembled all the required parts using the constraints, in Solidworks 2012.


According to the proposed mechanism, a rotary motor supplies rotation to the input sun gear, and using a second motor to drive the output side sun gear (in the same sense/direction), I can vary the overall gearing ratio, and the carrier starts to rotate, thereby rotating the output shaft. However, as soon as the second rotary motor is encountered in the Animation, the assembly locks-up and no further motion is generated by the Animation.


I learned Solidworks on a trial and error method, i.e., it was self taught. However I'm still to learn a lot of things, and hence might have messed up the assembly constraints or the Motor properties in the Motion study. I have attached a .zip file containing the assembly file (gearbox.SLDASM), if someone could please check out my work. I used Solidworks 2012 to create the model.


If someone could guide me on the right path I would be greatly indebted to them. Please help me.


Thank You



Thank you to the one user that tried to help me out! The deadline has passed ... I had to submit it without the Animation


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