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Wire ring lug terminal

Question asked by Mike Jaquet on Jan 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2013 by Bernie Daraz

I've tried the search function but haven't found the right key words to locate what I want, sorry.


I'm trying to model a basic ring lug wire terminal for use in an assembly with Solidworks.  This is a purchased part so I don't need it to build component parts from, but I would like it to be somewhat accurate for clearance checks.  What I really want is to learn the basic steps to generate this on my own, but if I can find an existing example then I can learn from that and model up other sizes as well for our internal use.


My two biggest hassles are with the sheet metal tools and getting the wire hole to wrap around from a flat pattern, and then to get a semi-realistic blending bend from the flat ring portion into the wire/crimp tube.  I do not need to show this in the crimped stage, uncrimped is fine.  I will also need to model one up with the ring bent 90deg to the wire.


Not sure if this link will work to show something similar to what I'm starting from:

(imagelinked from the website)


I'm thinking this should be fairly simple once I can figure out how to do it. Or maybe not.


In any case thanks in advance for any help.