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New to Solidworks - Question about curve projection

Question asked by Ray Fletcher on Jan 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2013 by Ray Fletcher

I just received a copy of a Solidworks student Demo (2001); ancient, I know. Anyway, I am following along a tutorial about curve projection onto surfaces. I have a sphere with a profile sketched on the front plane(the front plane splits the sphere). I can project the profile onto the surface of the sphere, as well as reverse direction to project the profile to the opposite side, but I cannot project in 2 directions. I am wondering if this is even possible. After I project the first time, I go back throug the same process, highlighting the profile, then highlighting the surface of the sphere, but when I try to click the "project curve" function, it is disable.


I would like to project the curve in two directions. Can anyone help me? I have attached a PDF of the tut that I am working on.