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    Chain Sprocket Hobs Exporters

    Gopal Sharma

      Super hobs and broaches are manufacturer and exporter of gear hobs, gear cutting tools, broach, broaches, involute spline, gear shaping cutters, master gears reprofiling, and gear shaving cutters in india. We manufacturer roller chain sprocket hobs in class A and class AA accuracies in profiles conforming to BIS, BS, DIN, ASA and JIS specifications with pitches ranging from 5 mm to 75 mm.These Hobs are offered with Topping & Non-Topping profiles. Each Cutting Tool is accompanied by process data sheet and each process is followed by stage inspection. Each Cutting Tool thus manufactured is heat treated by SALT-BATH process which is one of the best methods. It ensures uniform and deep heating, better structure and better Tool life.


      For more information visit the site http://www.gearcuttingtool.com once.