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configuration overriding table formatting

Question asked by Brian Jaecker-Jones on Jan 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2013 by Brian Jaecker-Jones

I've waded through the arcane formatting tools to get a BOM template setup to my liking. I've tweaked the document font, overridden the header format so I can make it bold, fiddled with hort and vertical padding and locked ITEM and QTY column widths and header row height. I was really happy with the results. No problems when it's a non-configured model. But when a component with a configuration is inserted SW overrides some of the formatting and I want to figure out why so I can (hopefully) stop it!


The bottom BOM (in the attached image) is formatted the way I wanted. This was saved-as to a custom BOM table format. The top table is what I get when I insert the BOM for a model with a configuration. That configuration is called "single", hence the "single/QTY" in the second column, which consistently changes when inserted.


What I'm trying for:

     - don't want the config name being added to the QTY column (only using the config to simplify the workflow)

     - want to keep the bold formatting (currently overriding the document font in the table header, but that's not preventing the change)

     - don't want the column width changing (had actually locked the column width in the format)


Any insights on how to format this? More a pain in the butt than anything. But pains in the butt equal wasted time, so I plead my case! Thanks!