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Re: Advice on modelling 3-d Bike Frame using Sweep and Path

Question asked by Aidan Meagher on Jan 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2013 by Christopher Figgatt



I am having some issues when it comes to modelling a given Trials Bike Frame for a final year engineering project. My problem is that i cant find any examples of how to model it using a matrix method i was told about.


I have the frame and need to re-create it in Solidworks, all examples i can find are creating a frame rather than re-creating it. The frame itself has almost no staright sections and curves in 3 dimensions. It also has 2 different sized elliptical sections, which i know the dimensions of. I had been told to take a (0,0,0) (datum) somewhere on the frame and measure the x, y andz distance every 10-20mm along each portion of the frame, and then somehow input these values into Solidworks in matrix form. And subsequently using these points that the software can find the path required to sweep this section along (ie-splines?). I am aware of the fact that it is possible to create these paths myself but in reality measuring them accurately enough is extremely difficult.  


Although i am an absolute novice when it comes to this programme, i have some experience with Pro-E and AutoCAD. Perhaps someone could tell me the correct name of the tool i am looking for or a good resource for finding a worked example from which i could get some tips from.






PS- My terminology may be completely wrong, please excuse my lack of knowledge when it comes to Solidworks.