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    ERP Deltek Costpoint Integration

    Brandon Richards

      Has anyone had experience with Deltek Costpoint integration?  I have a need to look into the ability to communicate my EPDM bill of materials into Costpoint 6.  The inital integration thought are that it would be a one way push into costpoint keying off of part number and revision.  Further development would be a two way update to EPDM with either metric data from costpoint or simple variable mapping.  Please let me know if anyone has experience specific with Costpoint integration.



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          Gary Radish

          Sorry no experience with Costpoint Brandon.  You might have to look at the import capabilities of Deltek.  Or go to a third party like Razorleaf or xLM and see if they can come up with a solution.

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            Paul Romanoski

            Hi Brandon

            I stumbled across your post while on a google search today.  I'm not sure if you've found a solution or are looking for one still.  I am an ex Deltek data migration and integration consultant with 15 years experience having done precisely what you are looking for, amongst many other things related to integration, automation, redesign, mass loads, splits, merges, etc.  I have a very strong background in Deltek manaufacturing from the technical perspective and have done much work with product definition, boms, inventory and integration.  IF you'd like to discuss your ndeds with me, just let me know.  I'd be happy to brainstorm with you and see if what you want to do is something we might work on together.  Or I may just be able to give you some advice on solving your quest.


            Just let me know either way.  Sorry I didn't see your post sooner when you posted it.


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              Graeme Brown

              Hi Brandon,


              Did you ever get help with the integration between Deltek and EPDM?  I need some help on this myself and would be very happy to speak with whomever you finally get help from!


              Best Regards,