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Student edition hangs on start-up

Question asked by Jason John on Jan 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2013 by John Burrill

Ok I am currently a student and am having issues with solidworks on my home computer. Having the ability to use solidoworks at home to do homework is essential. I have taken numerous other programs through my school and have had no issues what so ever with those software programs some of  these include....


Pro engineer

Wild fire 5

Creo 2 + 3

AutoDesk Inventor


Google Sketch up


Just to name a few.


Heres the problem, I installed solidworks, the program opens fine but once you try to start a part, or open an existing part the program hangs and will eventually if clicked on "program not responding" and will have to be closed. always says "editing part" on the bottom of the screen.


Things I have tried to correct issue-

unistalling and reinstalling software

check and recheck current licenses

updating drivers for operating system and video cards "which are all current"



For the obivous-----My computer is probably not the issue


Dell XPS 8500

i7 3.6 processor

3 tara hard

3G nvidia gt 640 video card



I had this computer built by dell specifically for CAD.........same computer but better than my school currently uses.


Runs all other programs with no isssues whatsoever!!!


Run Graphically intense games and video and picture editing software with no issues............


So whats the deal?


Any help would be appreciated!!!!