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BOM - Showing Multiple/Composite Materials in single column

Question asked by Michael Toellen on Jan 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2013 by John Burrill

Hello SW community !


I am hoping to get some insight from you guys regarding BOM items in drawings. I am having some difficulty configuring the BOM table to our specifications.  I should start by stating I understand SW has limitations and going into all sorts of customization is not always the cleanest solution.  Its important to keep our BOM simple and universal for all parts, but also interface with EPDM/custom properties from the part/asm files. 


Background: Our company is different from most in that we use (almost exclusivley) our SW custom materials. We have hundreds of custom materials built into a custom material library that we apply to each of our models. Occasionally we have a part file that will have muliple materials applied to various regions of the part.  Currently we are in the development stages with the way to handle these types of parts.  But thus far we have tried the solid bodies method, where we assign specific materials to specific bodies within a part.  Shows as SolidBodies under annotations folder in the design tree.  I assign material properties at each feature under the solidbodies. So we have two bodies with material assignment HOWEVER the general-universal material is unassigned. So when we pull thru to the BOM, it will show the property is missing.  Is there a setting where we can override the general/universal material property and replace with materials assigned inside the SolidBodies ? The only work around I have found would be to add both material names as one material to our materials database (does that make sense?). For example, we have two independent materials Material 1 and Material 2 - each assigned to specific feature under SolidBodies, so my thought was to add a material in the library as "Material1;Material2" or something similar so that that text pulls thru in the property. Less than ideal. 


What Else I've tried: I have used equations with the {} seperator to concatenate properties, however it does not work well for all parts that do not have multiple materials. You need either a place holder or a character for the missing material.  I guess I could try to hide a column with multiple materials configured but it still doesnt really help with handling multiple material in one part.  I have also tried creating the regions as individual parts and assembling them to create a composite component, but we dont want to show these parts as Assemblies since they are technically 'parts'.  I am yet to try configuring a excel based BOM, I was attempting to avoid it if possible.  If it makes sense to use 'if' statements in the Excel BOM, I can try that.


Anyways I have been at this for a good clip now and hope maybe someone has hit this patch before and can lend some insight or best practices, etc.  Any help is appreciated, I hope I have conveyed my issue without too much confusion. 


Thanks in advance!!!!