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Showing dimensions in eDrawings: not measuring

Question asked by Tom Stypula on Jan 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by Aaron Smith

We are discussing ways to create electronic versions of drawings that we could use for fabrication in our shops.  This would require showing dimensions of parts and assemblies for a fabricator that they could access at their computer workstation.  eDrawings naturally came to mind.  One of our requirements would be that the 3D part or assembly in eDrawings would show certain default dimensions so that the fabricator would not have to "measure" the part or assembly.  I know that a person can show reference annotation dimensions in SolidWorks but when I show these in SolidWorks and save it as an eDrawings file the dimensions do not show in eDrawings.


Do you know of a way to show user selected dimensions in a 3D eDrawings file?