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    My.Solidworks Comments and Thoughts from Beta Test

    Bryan Riley

      When I log into My.Solidworks, its not following this 'one-login' principle I keep hearing about.


      When I follow a link to to the forums, why do I have to re-login to comment? shouldn't I be able to do that from my.solidworks?


      Same goes for the blog(s)! why can't I comment if I'm logged into the my.solidworks interface?


      Cant I tweet from the My.solidworks interface if I have a twitter account email that matches my.solidworks email?


      Youtube supports comments as well...


      Beyond that, there should be more direct links to the forums, downloads, help, whatever. all of the various locations you're pulling from.


      and clicking on the 'dassault systems' logo at  the top logs me out...