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Help asking for the BOM converted

Question asked by Wayne Houwd on Jan 21, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2013 by Wayne Houwd

Hi all,


I would appreciate it if this part list could be formatted in an easier way.




Currently, I work with it from BOM generating. I convert it and save as table format as inserted picture.

For part, it works fine.


But in the multi-sheet drawing, lots of times we need this table for Subassembly files.

The problem comes out-

every time, it will show the whole list and then I have to delete the rows to the last and input the information extracted from the Subassembly model view.

Even worse, when updates some parts in the subassembly, this table will be messed back to the original whole list ! So I have to change this table again.


It is really annoying for times working on this kind of caution. I am trying to look for some help deadly -

find a way to work around with a table format, then insert , extract the information from the view (it will be sweet if only need one click on the view, all info will be put in), then it will keep aligning only the level - whatever a subassembly or a part.


I believe some Macro can do it. But I know nothing on writing a code. I tried to solve with the help from API on line, but I am totally lost without any clue!


Appreciate it again if this headache could be gotten rid of !



Best Regards,