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    Cd , Cda Drag forces

    Caslor Zach

      Hi i would like to ask some theoritical questions


      i want to find cd and cda  in solidworks


      I have an object  moving to Z axis   in air


      i place speed of air   - 40m/s  




      from the type  cd = 2Fd / p* V^2 * A


      we know :


      p = (normal density of air )

      v = 40 m/sec


      fd = If i place in solidworks at global goals to calculate the normal force in Z axis  ... is tha the Drag force  and so the Fd ??



      A = the front aria of my object  (cross section area)

        • Re: Cd , Cda Drag forces
          Jared Conway

          if there is nothing else in your model, then global goal force in the Z is your drag force.

          otherwise you should use a surface goal, select all the surfaces of your body and use force in the z to get your Fd.

          you can calculate your Cd using an equation goal at that point.


          if you haven't done so already, check out the tutorials in flow and the technical reference and the solving engineering problems pdfs. there are specific examples of what you're trying to do. also there are articles on it in the solidworks customer portal. just search for drag force.