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eDrawings Viewer 2013 and eDrawings Publisher 10 or 10.1 Compatibility

Question asked by Chris Watkinson on Jan 21, 2013

Before I roll out eDrawings Publisher to my designers and the viewer to everyone else I just want to make sure of versions.


I already installed the viewer on a number of shop floor computers back in November 2012.  The version is 2009.  I saw on the SolidWorks site that there is a new release version 2013.  Is either one of the viewer’s compatible with the publisher version 10.0 or 10.1?


We install the viewer to those requiring it throughout our organization and do not regularly update.  Many of the computers are viewing only stations and they do not have the rights to uninstall and reinstall newer releases.  Similarly, we cannot have someone perform a markup on a newer release making it unreadable on previous versions.  Once there is sufficient reason to upgrade we do it system wide.


I just want to confirm the Publisher and viewer releases that I should be using.