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Eyestrain and fatigue using Solidworks 2013 because far too small font sizes high res. monitor 2

Question asked by Richard Wagenaar on Jan 19, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2014 by Matthew Turner

Here are some more photos

On a 27" monitor at 2560x1440 at a usual 70 cm distance the font size is far too

small and unhealthy to look at the whole day according to my doc.

Do more people have problems with this?

What to do about it?

I understand Solidworks is almost end of life, so problems could never be fixed.

I stopped using Solidworks 2013 because of the small font problems. I can use an old low

resolution monitor but that is a big step backwards, I don't know if the new features in SW2013

are worth it. Solidworks should be usable on a modern high resolution monitor.


Currently there are a lot of popular 27" IPS monitors with a resolution of

2560x1440 which also have analog (no PWM) backlight for very attractive

prices. These monitors have no flicker and are the new standard for CAD work.

They often have a LG IPS panel inside but Samsung also has a non PWM kind

of IPS panel lately.

These monitors have a dot pitch of about 0.22 mm. These monitors

are very good for your eyes because there is no flicker.  There are several

brands like HP, Samsung, LG and others offering these modern high quality

monitors for only about 700 dollars.


It is well know that Led monitors with PWM (=flicker) backlight cause eyestrain,

fatigue and even more serious problems like headache etc. You can check it

by moving a black pen on a white background, when there is PWM you will

see a stroboscopic effect.

There are many reports about this lately,  so be sure you don't use

such a monitor the whole day as your eyes will get damage sooner or later.

I use a Samsung and a HP and these are fantastic monitors, I didn't have any

problems working with it 16 hours a day.

But this has all changed since upgrading to Solidworks 2013 because of the

far too small font sizes and icon sizes in the most used editors