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Eyestrain and fatigue using Solidworks 2013 because far too small font sizes high res. monitor

Question asked by Richard Wagenaar on Jan 19, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by Jeff Parker

The fonts on a modern 2560×1440 27″ monitor are far too small to read and

there is no way to adjust this like it was several years ago. Changing windows

fonts does not change the most important Solidworks fonts in edit boxes,

property managers, dimension editors etc. and the pop up icons are too small.

Some fonts change in Solidworks while the Windows fonts change but the most

important fonts do not change in Solidworks when making the Windows fonts bigger.

I just don't understand why the most important Solidworks fonts do not get bigger

while making the Windows font bigger, this is just a bug which should have been

fixed a long time ago.

Dot pitch of monitors get smaller every year and Solidworks has done nothing to

improve the visability and usability with modern monitors and high resolution laptops.


Scaling at 160% makes a mess of the dimension edit menu in Windows 8, this has always

worked in older releases. If you scale at 160% you only see a parameter name

but no dimension any more. Many times I have unintended changed a parameter

name instead of the dimension while editing dimensions.

The whole cadindustry is looking at direct modeling with less parametrics and Solidworks

puts parameter names on top of the edit dimension menu and doesn't show dimensions

anymore.  So scaling (change DPI settings) cannot fix the small fonts anymore.


When using a mondern monitor or laptop with a dotpitch of .15 to .22 mm

it is easy to get eyestrain problems when using too small fonts. If you

don’t have problems yet then it’s not too late to increase the fonts to

prevent your eyes from damage.

According to computer vision syndrome expert Dr. James Sheedy, it

should be three times the smallest size that you can read from your

normal viewing position. But what if I can’t read it and I also can’t make

the font bigger? My eyes are are not perfect but still good.

If I do not scale (change dpi settings) but just maximize the windows

fonts to 16,  then the text in the dimension edit box and property managers  (most important two)

is about 1.5 mm heigt, on a 27" modern monitor at 2560x1440 this should be at least 3 mm

for someone having almost perfect eyes to work comfortable according to my doctor.

There is no way to change this in Solidworks.

I have eyestrain and fatigue since upgrading to Solidworks 2013 and Windows 8


A couple of years back Solidworks colors were the same as the Windows colors

so you could adjust it to your personal preference. (grey background=less eyestrain)

Till 2006 you could have a tree color the same as the model backgound.

All these usefull things to have a better “CAD experience” are gone and it gets worse every release.

Now scaling doesn't work anymore as it makes a mess of the dimension edit box.

Scaling should not be necessairy in the first place as this causes other problems in general.

Solidworks should change and takeover the windows fonts setting.


All this talking about "3D experience" and usability is just marketing but important

details like being able to read the text on a modern high resolution monitor is just totally forgotten.

We should be able to work with modern hardware. 

With a 27" at 2560x1440 your eyes are at 70 cm,  the most used fonts are only 1.5 mm height and

this is terrible to read and the popup icons are also very hard to see. If you get closer to a 27"

monitor you need to turn your head all the time so that is no option. I understand some users

buy a second low resolution monitor only to be able to see the small text which is not visable on

a high resolution monitor, this is buying hardware to fix software problems and turn your head

all day. 


There are new modules about durability which is good but at this time I am more worried about

my eyes which hurt while using Solidworks 2013 and a high resolution monitor.

I regret upgrading to SW2013 and Windows 8,  never had problems before in older releases.

Does anybody know if I have overlooked something? I just can't believe it is this bad.

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