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Automatic transitions & initial states

Question asked by Klaas Oudejans on Jan 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2013 by Klaas Oudejans

Good morning everybody,


I have a question on EPDM workflows. A rather simple one I think, but I can't seem figure it out myself. A search on this forum also turned up blank.


I have a CAD-workflow, that has an initial state (Initiated), but CAD files don't go into this state automatically.  When I put a CAD file into the vault, the first stage is the grey state, where it's a local file.

But EPDM adds those automatically to the vault. After it's added, it has no category yet. But it is checked out to me. It does have a data card, with the right variables set (generated serial number as well).

But why do I need to check it in to get it in the "intial state"?


Is it not possibel to do something with an automatic transition here, to put files directly into a the workflow. Or should you fix this through the dispatch?


Hope to hear from you soon!