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Configure a Tap with design table

Question asked by Thomas Sherer on Jan 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by Mike Pogue

Hello all,


I'm trying to create a part with 4 configurations that includes a single tapped hole on each configuration. Instead of using multiple features, I opted to use one hole wizard feature, and configure the "$hw-size" with my design table,and that works more or less. Unfortunately, this is not enough to get my end result. You see I want all of these taps to come in at the same thread length and tap drill length, and whenever SolidWorks builds the configuration, it opts to use the standard tap depth instead of the value I set in the design table. On my drawings it provides the correct callout (per the design table), but shows the wrong length for the tap annotation in both the model and drawing. Does anybody have any ideas on what I can do here? I really don't want to add an additional 3 tap features to the part and suppress or unsuppress them all. Thanks in advance.