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    Configure a Tap with design table

    Thomas Sherer

      Hello all,


      I'm trying to create a part with 4 configurations that includes a single tapped hole on each configuration. Instead of using multiple features, I opted to use one hole wizard feature, and configure the "$hw-size" with my design table,and that works more or less. Unfortunately, this is not enough to get my end result. You see I want all of these taps to come in at the same thread length and tap drill length, and whenever SolidWorks builds the configuration, it opts to use the standard tap depth instead of the value I set in the design table. On my drawings it provides the correct callout (per the design table), but shows the wrong length for the tap annotation in both the model and drawing. Does anybody have any ideas on what I can do here? I really don't want to add an additional 3 tap features to the part and suppress or unsuppress them all. Thanks in advance.



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            Mike Pogue



            I just tried this and it worked.


            1. Make a hole feature.
            2. Start a design table.
            3. With the cursor in row 2 of the design table, double click on the hole geometry to bring up the revolve sketch. The top row should add something like "$STATE@#10-24 Tapped Hole2"
            4. Double-click on the thread depth. The top row should have something like "Thread Depth@Sketch4".
            5. Delete the column for state.
            6. Configure the thread depth.
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                Thomas Sherer

                I have that set up just as you said, plus the drilled depth of the hole is also configured, and it's not working correctly only for the tap annotation. My annotation depths from the design table are overridden by the hole wizard defaults. I have not yet tried it in SWX 2013. Is that what you are running?


                Edit: I've just tested this converting the part to 2013, with identical results. Is this a bug for shaded thread annotations?

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                    Mike Pogue

                    I didn't carry it through to the end. It was a little tougher than I described. The order of operations seems to matter a lot; and I wonder if this will melt down in a SolidWorksian fashion.


                      Had to


                    1. Add the hole wizard feature

                    2. Add the design table (auto create) with at least 2 configurations

                    3. Close the design table

                    4. Configure the hw-size within the hole wizard

                    5. Open design table. When the auto-create window comes up, add hw-size to the design table

                    6. Add hole-depth to the design table

                    7. Verify that worked

                    8. Add more configurations.

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                      Mike Pogue

                      Also have to drag columns down in excel or copy them to get the data validation drop down in the rows you add.

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                          Thomas Sherer

                          I've looked at your parts, and I don't thing you are seeing the same thing I am. I'm worried about the shaded cosmetic thread component of the hole wizard, not the additional physical counterbore representing the thread depth. I believe the error is with the annotation, and that it works just fine with physical geometry. Unfortunately, our standards are to use the shaded thread annotation to show all tapped holes. Could you try doing the same thing without a near side countersink and with cosmetic thread instead of remove thread under the options? This is what I'm trying for and seeing the inconsistency.