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How do you treat traceability with EPDM?

Question asked by Ivan Davila on Jan 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2013 by Ivan Davila

We'd like that EPDM should help us to make the traceability into the company and we're finding that it's no t possible with it.


I'll try to explain:

- Let's suppose that we have an assembly with many parts.

- One of these parts have been used into the assembly with version 2/2, for example. And this part is located into a tipical and external folder called "Library".

- In the future, we've evolved this part and we have now new versions (5/5) of it, for example.


After this, when we open the assembly, the version of the part opened by default we'll be (5/5), not the version in which it was located originally into the assembly.


This is worrying because you won't know in the future which version exactly was used in every assembly (we're talking about lots of parts and lots of users that don't have to know the version to "obtain" exactly)


I've added a .zip with 2 real .jpg captures of a real issue.


How do you work in order to have a good traceability with EPDM (if it's possible)?

Thanks a lot.