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    Orientation Dialog Box

    Nicolai Czumaj-Bront

      Is there a way to go back to the last version of the Orientation Dialog Box?...the new one in 2013 is awful. I have been using SW since 2002 and I just want the simple text, not a larger box with view icons that I can find 8 other places...

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          Thomas Stendel



          Thank you for the feedback.  Unfortunately there is not a way to go back to the small text dialog in 2013.  We weighed many factors before making this change and have had very positive feedback.  One of the benefits to this new dialog is the 'Live Preview' capability quickly with 'large tooltips' turned on.  We understand that dialog box size is of great importance to users, but also believe that the new usability with live previews and the consistent feel of the interface was worth it.  Also many international companies prefer the visual icons as opposed to "text" version for translation reasons.





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              John Burrill

              The view-cube widget is pretty sweet for setting views.  You don't have to remember which way the model is pointing

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                Richard Wagenaar

                Hi Thomas,


                I like the big icons but that's because of a high resolution monitor.


                Question,  why are the icons here big and in the mouse pop up menu much smaller.

                Same for text in the menus and the property managers. Why isn't this consistent

                and user configurable? Why do some fonts follow Windows setting and some fonts

                don't? Why don't the fonts in the property manager change according to the Windows

                fonts? The fonts in the propertymanager and dimension edit box are far too small

                and I can't change it. I have text of 1.5 mm in the property manager

                and it causes me pain in the eyes with a very common high resolution monitor.


                I use a 27" 2560x1440 monitor and the pop icons are 3 mm which is too small but

                this 5 mm in this orientation menu is really good for this resolution. I just can't see the

                difference between a chamfer or a fillet with 3 mm icons at a distance of about 28 inch

                from this monitor.

                It all depends on the resolution and Solidworks doesn't take this into account.

                That's why users with low resolution monitor and high resolution moniors have both

                problems. Why not a general setting for the size of icons and fonts to make everybody

                happy? Why can't icons just be scaled like fonts?


                The font in the property mangers and dimension inputbox is the most red font.

                So why isn't it possible to change at least the most red font? Why can't Solidworks

                just take over the Windows setting? I am not asking to change any font

                but just the most used.


                This is a terrible problem on high resolution monitors.

                There are now 10" tablets at 2560x1440 and Microsoft is pushing it.

                Please test this on Solidworks 2013 and Windows 8 and find out that this 

                causes eyestrain for almost anybody with less than perfect eyes.

                Glasses don't help.

                Scaling is not a solution in W8 anymore. Scaling causes all kinds of other problems

                if this is more than 150% and not only in Solidworks.


                A couple of years ago Solidworks was much better configurable, the background

                color of the menus was according to the Windows setting and you could also change

                the backgroundcolor of the tree. That was really good.

                I really wonder how many people found it worth an enhancerequest to discontinue

                this wonderfull functionality,  I red a lot of complaints about discontinuing this.


                I don't like the almost white background of the trees, property managers and menus.

                Lightgray is much better for eyestrain. Other users will have their own preferences.


                If the most important userinterface features are configurable and this is at least

                size of fonts, icons and UI backgroundcolor,  then there will be much more people

                happy using Solidworks.



                I have eyestrain problems because of too small fonts on a high resolution monitor

                since SW2013. I took photos that show the problems in the next link


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                  Eivind Clausen

                  It's very unfortunate that Solidworks do these changes without considering the wishes of the users, the old narrow dialog box was much better as far as i am concerned....

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                  Mark Bradford

                  I'm with you Nicolai.   Not a fan of the new dialog box whatsoever.    Also, what I don't appreciate is Solidworks mandating how I set my views.  Adjusting views is something we do many MANY times per job.   It is second nature to do this common task a certain way.  Why mess with productivity.    I can't believe that an option for the original method is not available.   I hope this is something that can change.



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                    Tom Kruschinsky

                    Just got done upgradring to SW 2014 & EPDM as well. As a company with a large number of users, we only upgrade every two years. Once again, SW has made changes for the sake of change. they may have thought long and hard about changing the orientation view box, but ultimately the wrong decision was made. The new(2013) dialog box is cumbersome and really provides no benefit.