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Very tight jog for enclosure, how?

Question asked by Michael Mora on Jan 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2013 by Bernie Daraz

Hi guys


I need to make two sheetmetal parts that should connect to each other with the common up surface flushed.

Im trying using a Jog, with a minimun blind and offset.

The material will be aluminum, 0.090"

I cannot get it right,,  I read everywhere, and people advise to make the Radius at least the thick of the material, bend radius, etc,, but when I do I cannot get the two parts meet 'flush' on the assembly.

Below is a setting of what I can get with the minimun bend radius, etc,, and my parameters for the Jog.

Id like to know if this is the right strategy for making two pieces mate this way, and what you guys advise.


Im basically making a cover for an enclosure, and it needs to have flanges with the Jog, so they sort of 'snap' on the receiving bottom part before screws are set in.


The part is:



The assembly should look something like this:




These are my settings: