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    Decal or appearance

    Andrew Grove



      I want to apply a decal or appearance to a part and need some help.

      I created a .tiff image file of 7 rectangles and I would like to apply this image over the whole top face of this part (see attached image file).

      I want to represent a laminated film with 7 rows of of product along the length of the web.





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          Steve Calvert

          Could you add a very thin extrude to the face and just change its appearence?  Or could you split the faces and change that face appearence.  This is how I did it for making a piece of candy.



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            Mark Kaiser

            You may be able to do this with decals also.  To start, apply a SW pre-made decal, then change the image to yours, via the property manager, file location box.  I would make all 7 rows in a graphics editing program, then apply the image as a decal once.

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                Andrew Grove



                I did what you suggested in the first place.  The decal on the web shown in the image I uploaded shows the 7 rows, what I want to do is to have this decal pattern all across the top side of the web part.  The problem with patterning an extrude or a pattern of bodies is that the web face transitions through several faces and the pattern gets messed up. on top of that the file gets big, would rather just have a decal on it.