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Sheetmetal HELP!!

Question asked by Seth Renigar on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2013 by John Stoltzfus

As long as I've been using SolidWorks (18 years), I have never truly understood how to create sheetmetal parts.  I'm more of a plastics guys.  I've only ever had a need to create a sheetmetal part a handful of times.  And all of those were super simple.


Now, all of the sudden, I'm being faced with creating a sheetmetal part, that I believe would be a challenge for even experienced sheetmetal gurus.  Basically, it is a tapered cone that wraps around nearly meeting itself, with partial flanges on the edges that nearly meet.  I have struggled and struggled with this.  But I can't seem to get what I need, in a true sheetmetal part.


I'm attaching a part model that I created (non-sheetmetal) that represents exactly what I need.  It is actually a body inserted into a new part, as the original part model contained proprietary information. Plus, it was pretty ridiculous what I had to go thru just to create what is here (too embarrassing to let others see it, hehe).  Also, this part contains a few holes and a notch.  These features are NOT my biggest concern.  My biggest problem is creating the tapered cone, with the flanges.  I think what is hurting me the most is the gap of the cone feature (lofted-bend) that the flanges need to be on, will have a taper the opposite direction of the cone itself (refer to the reference sketch from the back view).


Could one of you sheetmetal experts please take a look at this model and give me some pointers?  I don't even really know where to start...