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Scheduled rendering an animation is not working fine

Question asked by Rolof Tilanus on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2013 by Richard Wehmeyer

Hello Solidworkers,


I'm helping out our engineer with exporting / rendering some movies for a demo.

Al is working fine as I render a movie directly (manually) in solidworks. Because rendering takes a lot of time I like to schedule this for the weekend.

To make the schedule it's no problem. But I tested this with a short animation (1sec - 25 frames) and than I ran into a problem.

I have setup the scheduled rendering the same as I did the direct manual rendering before. And I scheduled it for two minutes later.


On time everything started as planned. So far so good. But when I look at the info screen it's saying that I have about 2502 frames to go (for 1 sec animation ??).

After letting it render the 25 frame it should do, the rendering didn't stop. So after I while futher I canceled the rendering because it took way longer than the

manual started rendering I did before. (There were the correct number of frames shown in that situation)

I looked at the movie that was created and it just a few frames long.

So I tried every other setting but nothing works. I also made a setting not to render the entire movie but only 1 second. Then the rendering was starting at de scheduled time

but immidiately stop and noted to be complete.


Solidworks 2012 SP1.0

I was using photoview as render option. 25fr/s, entire movie, and YUV as output.

When I use Solidwork Screen as renderer then it works fine.


Is there somebody who can help me out with this one


Or has anybody an trick to render a hi quality animation in a fast way ??