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Extremely slow Smart Fastener feature updates. Network issue?

Question asked by Craig Hardman on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2013 by Craig Hardman

Lately I've been experienceing some serious lag in the Smart Fastener feature.
It will take 1~2 minutes to load up once the Smart Fastener button is clicked.

Then once I select a surface, it will take about 2~3 minutes to show the fastener and bring up the options box.
ANY change (Add a new component to either the top or bottom stack, changing the fastener lenght, changing the fastener type, etc.) will take anywhere from 3~10 minutes to complete.

Solidworks often crashes while I'm using Smart Fasteners lately as well.


What kind of data trasfer rate does the Smart Fastener feature require? We currently have the toolbox etc on network storage.
I notice that while using the Smart Fastener feature, the network traffic (Down) ramps up to, and tops out at, 2Mbps. I can't imagine it requires that much traffic...


I'm kind of at a loss for what could be causing this as nothing else seems to run slow.


Thanks in advance.