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Smart Fastener feature into a folder/reorder in feature tree?

Question asked by Craig Hardman on Jan 17, 2013

Hey, not quite sure where this belongs, but it seems like the UI forum would be the place.


Is there a way to drag a smart fastener features in an assembly into a folder?
I can add them to a folder if I select the Smart Fastener feature along with something else that isn't a Smart Fastener feature (In the picture I was pairing them with the Hole Series feature) and RMB the feature that isn't the Smart Fastener, and select "Add to New Folder" It will then put those features in a new folder.
However if you do this with just the Smart Fastener feature it creates a folder, but doesn't put the feature in it.

It will also not let you drag the Smart Fastener feature into an existing folder.


I've also noticed that you can't reorder the Smart Fastner features in the tree. This is also a bit odd.

Is there a reason for not being able to resturcture the Smart Fastener features, while being able to restructure everything else?