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    How do you sketch an aerofoil?

    Tim Dean

      Has anyone built an equation driven sketch for a NACA 0018 section or simliar? When I enter the equation in the equation box it all looks good but produces a straight line.


      This is the equation I want to use where t =0.18 for the percentage chord.

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          Richard Wehmeyer

          Change t from .018 to 18.  I think the percentage chord is number percentage.  I used a differant variant of the wing equation that I will post.

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            Richard Wehmeyer

            This variation allows you to input the length an thickness of the wing:





            where x1=0 and x2=96


            this made a wing 96" long x 16" wide

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              Rick McWilliams

              The 4 and 5 digit series NACA airfoils have nice formulas for the shape. You might prefer the low drag laminar flow shapes of the 6 series. Beware of wiggly curves that curve through points will generate. A careful manual redraw with only 3 to 5 knots per side can make a very good fit. It is best to have an upper and lower surface curve. Use curvature combs to obtain smooth curvature shape. There should be 0 or 1 inflection point per surface.