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SolidWorks Simulation Benchmark V3

Discussion created by Russ Johnston on Jan 16, 2013
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In an effort to compile and compare benchmark data for Linear Static FEA’s a SolidWorks forum thread was created on December 19, 2012.  In the following weeks the post received 5600+ views and 160+ replies.  Benchmark data from forum members was complied and compared.  During this time it was observed that the results varied greatly from user to user.  Users with very similar systems report vastly different results.  With the effort of forum members the varied results were tracked down to a default system option that changed the contact set definition thus changing the solve time.  During the investigation a second version of the benchmark (V2) was created in the original thread.


That thread has been abandoned and this thread created to start with a fresh set of data.  As well the V2 benchmark file has been retired.  The original thread can be found here.


Special thanks go to thank Iain McClatchie, Bill McEachern and Timothy Lawrence for their efforts in tracking down the problem.  With there input we hopefully now have a working Linear Static FEA benchmark that will generate consistent, comparable results.


Contained in the attached ZIP file is the benchmark file (V3) and instructions on how to use it.  There is also a video showing how to perform Step 3 of the instructions.  If you have any comments please feel free.


If you have already posted results in the old thread and would like to participate in this new thread please download the V3 benchmark file, re-run the simulation and post your results in this thread.





Benchmark Results (22-MAY-2013)


FEA_Benchmark_Results_SW2012 (22-MAY-13).png

FEA_Benchmark_Results_SW2013 (22-MAY-13).png

FEA_Benchmark_Results_SW2012 & SW2013 by Time (22-MAY-13).png

FEA_Benchmark_Results_SW2012 & SW2013 by CPU (22-MAY-13).png




Results Updated (22-MAY-13)