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Mouse cursor changes from the select "arrow" icon to something else

Question asked by Ken Allbee on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by Adam Hartles

Hi All,


A co-worker is having a problem selecting dimensions within a drawing. 


All notes and views select normally (cursor shows as "arrow"), but when trying to select a dimension the cursor changes to something that looks like a three button mouse with a "blue" colored marking near (or on) the "right" mouse button.  This suddenly appeared and he has no idea of how it did.  This did not happen earlier to him when he used to select dims, the cursor used to show as an arrow (normal "select" cursor).


We already tried to reset mouse gestures to defaults.  Don't see any icon settings under options.  Any ideas of how to get back to the "select" cursor for dimensions in drawings?


Thanks in advance,


Ken Allbee