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Issues with working with Drawings

Question asked by Rhuaraidh Edwards on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by Nathan Coy

I've been experiencing probelms with certain drawings and models over the last while.


I find that when i work with one of my specific assemblies in particular of a large structure in drawing format that when i move about sheets or try to move views on the page the computer pauses to load a lot and when i try and save it can sometimes crash and shut the program down. if i'm luck enough to save the drawing and save as a PDF which i need to do for my job i find that the PDF can be over 5000kb in the folder where as other similar detail ones are only 719kb. This then causes problems for printing and i often find i block the printer,


Can anyone shed some light on what i may be doing wrong?


The assemblies are not that complicated although big and i have produced bigger and more detailed ones with no problems,