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Iges file import results in unwanted split lines on part (crankshaft)

Question asked by Derick Pickle on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by Bill McEachern

Hello all,


First post here. Let me get to the issue at hand.

I am in the process of analyzing a crankshaft from one of our subsidiary companies which happens to exclusively use ProE. I imported the part to be analyzed (crankshaft) in .iges form and all features were recognized, except, for some reason, solidworks implements an unwanted split line feature on some parts of the crank. While this would not be an issue for a simple model of the part, it turns into a major pain when trying to set up a bearing support type fixture in simulation. I use split lines on the journal faces to represent the rod bearing face interaction, but I need the ends of thecrankshaft to be one smooth, continuous surface, so that I may apply a [main] bearing support fixture (see image for reference, red arrows point to the two surfaces generated by split line).

As a side note, I have tried the knit surface feature to no avail, however, I am not the most experienced with the knit feaure, so I could be doing something wrong....

So, in summary, I need the split line gone upon importation into solidworks.


My main questions are:


1) Is this possible? If so, how do I go about removing split lines from an imported model?


2) Other than .iges, what file format would you consider to be the best for importing into solidworks (solidworks being first of course). (Maybe a parasolid based format....?)


3) Any other recommendations based on past experience?


Thank you very much for any and all responses.


Software Info: Solidworks 2012 Premium, SP2


Split Line on Crank.jpg