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Cfd Forces (car analysis) Begginer No experience

Question asked by Caslor Zach on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by Jared Conway

I would like some help about understand witch forces needing for a car cfd


( i have seen one tutorial before some time with a rectangular car but cant spot it any more)




Lets say that this will be the car   ( i want to start with simple shapes to understand first how all this work )test erotisi.jpg




it is pointing to the Z axis





I run the cfd wizart ( the station i am working find that has cfd simulation installed ) and then i place the right units that  want


next this
test erotisi2.jpg








After that i choose air as the fluid
test erotisi3.jpg




And after i place the  speed that i want to have  ( i discovered that if i have positiv speed the air traveles from the back in my analysis... but if i place negative speed -100khm then the air comes from the front where i want my shape to travel )





test erotisi4.jpg


After few more steps and finishing wizard..  i remember from the tutorial that i had seen that had to place some Global Goals


i choose the velocity Z



test erotisi5.jpg

test erotisi6.jpg

(this is the tablet of the forces that apears in global goals panel )




but what forces is for the presure in the object...   the drag and lift of the car ?


all the forces in Y axis ? (this is the axis point upwards )





Thanks in advance for your time






Ps: I know that this is something so simple and lot of more (physics and maths) had to envolve for serious cfd car analysis... but i am asking something basic  based in solidworks ready configurations