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Pathmate length is 1/100th of actual belt length?

Question asked by Larry Andrews on Jan 15, 2013

I've joined this forum because I have an issue with pathmates that I haven't found any topics for. I have two pulleys, fixed, with a belt length of 1056.66in. The belt mate works as expected. I set a pathmate to an item I wanted to follow the path with a parallel mate to keep it from rolling. Originally it worked great. I put a pathmate motor on it and it followed the path nicely. After coming back to the model after a couple of days suddenly the item follows a path that is 1/100th the scale of the original beltmate?!? I've tried remaking the belt and path mates with no luck. The belt length remains 1056.66in and the pathmate thinks it's 10.56in. Has anybody seen this problem before? Rebuilding the model is a solution I would like to avoid since at some point I hope to have it fairly detailed.