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Hole Series always throws "No valid edges for the cosmetic thread creation found"

Question asked by Craig Hardman on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by Craig Hardman

Every time I use the hole series function in an assembly, it will give me the error "No valid edges for the cosmetic thread creation found"
Currently I am only using the hole series to go through two parts, one with a clearance hole, and the other a tapped hole.
The "Start component" is the clearance hole, and the "End Component" is the tapped part.
It creates the hole wizard feature into both parts, but the threads don't show up.
The "Hole Thread" feature under the Hole Wizard feature still shows up in the tree, but they don't actually seem to exist.
If you edit the Hole Series (in the assembly) after it has been created and it errors, the "End Component" selection is blank.
This is a major problem because it prevents me from being able to call up any clearance holes or threads in a drawing of the assembly or part, completely defeating the purpose of using the hole wizard.


Anyone know how to fix this? Or even what would could be causing this?


Thanks in advance.


Picture are (In order):


- First Part Settings
- Last Part Settings (After creation. Note the blank end component, but it still created the holes.)

- Feature tree from "Last Part" (Note the threads aren't shown on the part.)