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Thermal simulation - have no idea where to start

Question asked by David S on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by Jared Conway

Hey guys. I am set to make 3 casserole dishes by famous French dish company Le Creuset. I haven't got any pics of the 3D main part but here's one of the lids I made in 3D.

I have to test them for 'temperature distribution: sensitivity to geometric parameters'. My problem is I don't know what method(s) to use, and I'm not sure about getting it to work.

I've made the main casserole dishes with handles (which I made by doing an extrusion of a shape along a 3D line going midway, then extruded the end to connect to the dish, then mirrored that 3D object a couple times to fit around the dish). Last time I checked the handles wouldn't mesh properly, and I have no idea about setting the different material types.

I can't run Solidworks and Solidworks Simulation on my home PC, so I want to know how to do this before I go into uni clueless

le-creuset-cast-iron-saucepan-18cm-cerise.pngfinal nonstick lid render.JPG