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Converting Solid to Sheet Metal - Possible issue?

Question asked by Carmelo Treviso on Jan 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2013 by Carmelo Treviso

Hi all, well I'm working on a very simple part, or at least I think I am. Anyway he goes because I'm stumped and as always you guys have rescued me more than once so maybe you can help me with this.


I have a basic solid - created a square and extruded it out, simple stuff here. On two corners I added a 2" fillet for a smooth radius. At first I attempted the convert to sheet metal and followed all the rules as I understood them but I could not get the radius to be flattened out. i then decided to sketch the rips in - two straight lines and the radius. When I went back to designate the rips I got an open contour error? I figured this would be too simple for even SolidWorks but I guess not. I thought I'd get a part that looked like a fat T but this thing just wont work. Any ideas?


base with rip sketch.jpg


Sketch Rip.jpg


Thanks peeps!