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Intrigued to know if anyone else would find this useful...centremarks extended to edge of bounding box

Question asked by Natalie Lomas-Bullivant on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2013 by Natalie Lomas-Bullivant

I'm just interested to see if anyone else does this - and if they have a better / quicker method...


As a company standard we extend all of the centremarks in a drawing to the edge of the bounding box and then dimension to them (see picture).


This is fine if there are just a couple of holes but we quite often have large parts with hundreds of holes in so when it comes to dimensioning i have to carry out the laborious process of manually dragging out every centremark to the edge of the box (and god forbid i want to delete one - this then deletes half of the ones which have already been dragged out and you have to start from scratch!) I wondered if there was any way of doing this or some kind of work around?


I've had a google but can't seem to find anything on this subject so was intrigued if anyone else did it and maybe had a better solution?