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Looking for any information & answers on the "2013 startswinstall.exe"

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Jan 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2013 by Ethan Kay

I read a single knowledge base article on this file and it was only what the file does, "Push the installation (Silent install)"


  1. I need to know if this is the new solution to Pushing the install (silent installation) and is it replacing Microsoft Directory or is MSD a secondary solution to installing SW as a Silent install, or is it one in the same?
  2. What happens if the install crashes during the silent install (Example: 1903 error)... is there a message like the one above or is the user left with no information that the install finished? I understand I could log in an monitor the Admin Option Editor to see who installs and who fails, but with as many people as we have that would require a lot of extra work. 
  3. I guess this is not a true? I have found that you still cannot have an older version of Solidworks running at the time of the push using this new file "startswinstall.exe". It was my understanding that a push installation could still install if it was a "New Installation" and "Not an Upgrade" to an old version.



Any help or information will be appreciated - Kind Regards