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Question about double folded beam simulation

Question asked by Werther Zhou on Jan 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2013 by Werther Zhou

Hi all,

I have problem in simulating the deflection of a double folded beam, like the attachment.

Here are the dimension of the double folded beam;




I am using Euler beam equation to calculate the stiffness of such beam. For single beam, the simulation result is the same as the equation. stiffness k is around 3.4 N/mm.

However, for the double folded beam, the simulation result is very strange, the stiffness is much bigger than predicted. As predicted, this kind of flexure should have the same stiffness with the single beam, so the k is also around 3.4 N/mm. But in simulation, the k is around 15 N/mm

I do not know why. Can anyone explain what leads to this difference?

Thanks very much!