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    Cut list Management

    John McMullan

      How can I default my cut list properties to read as 'description' first rather than material in the case of extruded parts ie not structural or sheet metal. I am having to type description in manually for each entry in a part...so as to show material thickness in my cut list when making drawings...

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          Richard Wehmeyer

          I am having trouble understanding what you are asking. 


          Are descriptions in the wrong location in the cut table on your drawings?

               Change the table columns in the order you want then save table template 


          Are no descriptions showing up for the extruded parts?

               You will have to go the the library part file and change/add the description there.


          a screenshot would be helpful

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              John McMullan

              The problem is that 'description' does not appear in my cut list properties column in the case of extruded parts. Material is the only property listed and there is nothing in the drop down menu. I am manually typing it in each time in the next row. Is there a way can add it so I can pick it of the drop down menu rather than typing it in each time?

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                  Glenn Schroeder

                  Welcome to the forum.


                  Expand the Cut list folder, RMB on one of the bodies and choose "Properties...".  When the dialog box comes up click on "Edit List", type in the new property, click "Add", then "OK".  After that, the new property should show and be selectable in the drop-down in the "Property Name" column.



                  cutlist, add.png

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                    Mark Tafelski



                    The weldmentproperties.txt file controls what items appear in the drop down menu. Location of this file is controled by the:

                    Weldment Property.


                    My weldmentproperties.txt file contains the following:






                    The location of the file is set by:




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                      Richard Wehmeyer

                      I have this problem with a number of my weldment parts (two libraries were combined).  The base problem is that the weldment profile does not have the description property.  To fix this you will need to either get a new weldment library or create the description on each part file.


                      To Edit a profile:Tools=>Options... File locations

                      weldment profile location.JPG

                      Go find the problem profile (partandsize.SLDLFP)

                      Drag and drop the problem profile to the Solidworks window (dbl click does not work)


                      Add Description


                      In order to activate the description in an old drawing you will need to go to the part, change the profile, update list, change profile back and update again.  The description will now show up every time you use that profile.


                      Unfortunately there are hundreds of profiles that this will be needed to be done to.  You may want to talk to your VAR and see if they can provide you with a new profile library