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    Will Solidworks 2012 run on an Asus 1225b laptop?

    Abdullah Ashour

      I am concidering selling my desktop replacement Asus g74sx for a much more mobile Asus 1225b laptop/netbook.

      I will be replacing the 320 HDD with a Crucial m4 256Gb SSD to help with the speed issue of the 1.65GHz processor.


      Here are the specs: ASUS 1225b Eee PC



      Processor: AMD e series dual core e 450 Processor 1.65 GHz

      OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

      Cache memory: 1Mb

      Graphics Chip: AMD Radeon HD 6320

      Memory: 4Gb (DDR3 SDRAM)

        • Re: Will Solidworks 2012 run on an Asus 1225b laptop?
          Craig Hardman

          It meets the min system requirements, but laptops are not really optimized for that kind of heavy computation but that doesn't mean they won't run it.
          That being said, I used to run 2010 and 2011 on an Asus Eeepc 1005HA which has significantly less of a spec compared to the 1225B. It ran on there fine as long as you didn't have any large assemblies. It also obviously ran a lttle slow as well, and that is something you should expect.
          Also, if you use any of the premium features such as simulation, motion study, photoview, etc. they basically won't function on a laptop. At least in my experience anyways.


          Personally I'd keep the desktop and use the laptop just when you have to because you're travelling, etc.
          I would also recommend NOT replacing the HDD. It won't give you very much of a performance gain, if any.