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    Copy Function in 2013 not working as in 2012

    Brian Marchand

      Using 2013 sp1


      In 2103 if I selected a component or an assembly, use the edit-copy, then click on the screen to clear the highlight, then do a edit-paste, Solidworks would create an exact copy directly on top of the part I copied. This was very handy.


      No when I do the same thing, it puts the copy wherever the curser is sitting


      Is there a way to get this back or maybe it wasn't supposed to work that way, but it was nice


      If not does anyone know a way, without mateing, to put an exact copy on top of another??


      Its handy because say you have a main assembly with a conveyor in it. You pattern your item thats on the conveyor. Now you create 5 stations that do work on that conveyor.

      Intead of copying and mateing the item inside your sup assembly, I used to be able to copy, paste, then drag to new sub assembly and it was there, just have to fix it so it didn't move. I would do a bunch of work, then delete it.

      I guess it was just quick and I was used to doing it


      Thanks for any input