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Export of model view to vector artwork

Question asked by Anthony Kahl on Jan 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by Anthony Kahl

I know this has been discussed many times before and some ad-hoc solutions had been derived. I once had such a solution, but that no longer seems to work in 2013. I understand that the corp wants to sell 3dvia, but most of us don't do the volume to justify such a cost. So...


The method I've used previously (given that save as pdf or ai never seemed to work) was to print to a genuine adobe pdf printer, when the model was set to HLR for instance this always resulted vector art, now, through either updating to SW2013 or an update of my adobe suite this no longer happens (it's just a raster blob). So my question is has anyone discovered a method to do this in SW2013 (given that save as pdf or ai still doesn't seem to work)?