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Exporting to .stl

Question asked by Ante Lausic on Jan 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by Ante Lausic

Hello all:


I'm a longtime graduate student at my university and have been using SolidWorks on the school computers for about 4 years. I mainly wwork on making 3D models and then printing them in a rapid prototyper via .stl files. I've made hundreds and never had problems and yesterday went to export one such structure. It was a fairly extensive design (8MB assembly file - very complex) and took a long time to make. I exported 2 versions of it fine and then I modified some pieces and now whenever I export, it crashes and forces SolidWorks to restart. I tried taking the folder of all the files to another computer and even to a professor who has SolidWorks on his computer and they just won't export. Even worse, the old versions that correctly exported also crash now when exporting (although I luckily still have the .stl files from them).


I was wondering what the issue could be; can my files be corrupt in any way? And why would they suddenly become that way? The only other info I have is before saving to .stl SolidWorks asks it has to resolve something like 25000 lightweight components - is this just too much?


Thanks for any help you can provide.