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Solidworks hangs when saving

Question asked by Rick Donnellon on Jan 10, 2013

Quite often when saving a large drawing, part or assembly, SolidWorks hangs and seems to be locked up. If you check the date/time on the file that you are saving, you see it was saved already but SolidWorks seem to be locked up. If I kill SolidWorks with the task manager and restart SolidWorks and open the file you see it the file saved just fine. This seem to happen on all (4) of our SolidWorks stations.


Has anyone else noticed this behavior?


Dell Precision T3600

Intel﴾R﴿ Xeon﴾R﴿ CPU E5‐1620 0 @ 3.60GHz   3.60 GHz

32.0 GB RAM

NVIDIA Quadro 5000

Windows 7 64 bit


SolidWorks 2012 SP5.0