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Link pipe length to item description

Question asked by John Sidwell on Jan 11, 2013
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by Julia Gilligan

Hi All,

I’m new to SW routing and I’m trying to include length of my pipes in item description of BOM eg. “Pipe, 40 NB Sch 40, 200 LG”. I know that I could have separate column with SWPipeLength property. However,  I don’t want to have extra column in BOM just for the length. Is it somehow possible to link SWPipeLength property to description?

I think one way to link pipe length to description is to have Length@Extrude in my pipe design table which would give me different lengths for different configurations. This lengths could be then linked to Description.  However I was told not to include Length@Extrude in the pipe Design Table.

Another issue I have is that sometimes a tube between 2 fittings is broken up into a few shorter segments instead of one long tube.  I notice this happens when SW complains about bend radius being smaller than the one specified in the route properties even the bend radii are exactly as specified for that route.  I don’t use flexible tubing.

Any advice would be appreciated.