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    SW .stl Help

    Tim Ack

      I'm am fairly new to solidworks.  I have a question about .stl.  I know you go to File>Save As> .stl  but I dont have that option. I can only save as a part, edrawing, lib feautre, and a part template.   Is there another package I need to download? Please respond! Thanks.

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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SolidWorks forums Tim.


          Are you using student version of SolidWorks. If yes then you can't export out the files in STL. In case you want someone can save it for you, please upload the files here.


          Please use "advanced editor" in case you want to attach any files.



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            Lenny Bucholz

            If you are using the student version you don't have any export options.


            to do this you would have to go the the school and use the educational version they have and you would be able to do this.