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    Mike Lydon

      I have installed SWX2013 sp1.0. Now when I am sketching, EVERY time I place a dimension, a drop down appears and I have to pick the units for the dimension. Is there some way to turn this off? My units are already specified in Document properties as IPS. It is really getting annoying having to pick units every time I place a dimension.

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          Deepak Gupta

          You don't need to pick the units. simply enter the dimension value and hit OK or enter.

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            Glenn Schroeder



            Could you post a screenshot of your dimension dialog box with this units drop-down?

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                Mike Lydon



                This morning SWX is not exhibiting the behavior. Of course.



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                    Glenn Schroeder

                    Believe me, I understand.  Hopefully SW is over it's temper tantrum and it won't happen again.

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                      Jan Van Leeuwen

                      Hello Mike,


                      Is the behaviour really gone? I hope so then I need to wait a couple more days.

                      This whole unit thing is annoying. Why asking at every dim input which unit is required? Are we sketchers supposed to so often change our units? Come on SW!

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                          Mike Lydon



                          Still there. It is one of the ER's discussed in the "vote on ER's" thread. It is extremely annoying. "Just one extra LMB" Yes, one extra LMB EVERY TIME you place a dimension. Why can't SWX just say "OOPS, my bad, we'll fix that."

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                              Iain Hendry

                              Here are some screenshots to illustrate the problem.  This happens to me at random and I can't seem to figure out when!


                              To clarify; We work in metric, so any sketch dimensions are entered in millimetres.  When I design a part with stock imperial (Inch) dimensions, I would typically type 1" or 0.625" and so on, and the quotes denote inches.  When I hit enter, it converts to the appropriate millimetre dimension and life is good.


                              However as of late, when I attempt to put the " at the end of the dimension, an error occurs:






                              At this point I cannot hit enter.  I have to hover over "Units" and then click on in.




                              The behaviour seems to be that, after a restart, I can work normally (where typing " after a number in a dimension input box results in SolidWorks understanding that I want the dimension to be in inches, and it automatically converts to millimetres - my default)... but after some time, it stops working and behaves as shown above.